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“ 10 minutes of silence - part 3 ”

Tuesday, 1st February 2011 - 15:45  |  (0 comments)

So in my quest to find somewhere genuinely quiet I ended up visiting a couple of the older churches of Bury late this morning. Had to drop off some stuff at St Mary's (who have rather wonderfully made us their 'Mission of the Month' - thanks guys!), so thought I would just stay for a bit afterwards.

“ 10 minutes of silence... part 2 ”

Monday, 31st January 2011 - 15:46  |  (0 comments)

So my first few days of trying to find some quiet need to be filed under 'epic fail'...

It appears that finding somewhere to be quiet is harder than you think.

Office? Phones and email seem to interrupt, or people coming and going...

Home? I have a 2 year old son - 'nuff said.

Driving in the car? That doesn't exactly fulfil the criteria of ' doing nothing ', does it now?


Hang on though... I actually find myself in a quiet room right now... and what am I doing? Blogging about how finding somewhere quiet is harder than I thought.

“ 10 minutes of silence... part 1! ”

Thursday, 27th January 2011 - 11:32  |  (0 comments)

How good are you at listening?

Recently I went for a hearing test because I began to feel that when there was a lot of background noise I couldn’t hear very well. So I sat and had the test and waited nervously for what the nurse was going to say.

“ not everything works... ”

Wednesday, 8th December 2010 - 14:09  |  (0 comments)

We don't often talk about things that we try that just don't work, but i've just been reflecting a bit on something that didn't work out for us this term - the 'Connected' club for year 9s @ County Upper School.

“ We're back! ”

Thursday, 18th November 2010 - 13:07  |  (0 comments)

Thanks for bearing with us as we've experienced a few issues with our website lately.

It's good to be back and we'll be continuing to update the content regularly over the coming weeks and months - I'll even do my best to cajole Nicola into writing some blog entries :)