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“ God got there first... ”

Thursday, 7th April 2011 - 10:44  |  (0 comments)

This morning I had a conversation with someone that I have been chickening out of for a while.

It wasn't to tell them something horrible, it was to ask if they wanted to work with us to run our first prayer space in a school. I was terrified they would be suspicious, not understand what I was talking about, dismiss the idea - say NO!

“ RSPA week... ”

Monday, 4th April 2011 - 10:36  |  (0 comments)

...was just brilliant!

The rave reviews of all the team did continue to come in to the office - and we're just so grateful for their hard work, and also for the opportunities it now gives us to follow up and build on what happened last week.

“ RSPA so far... ”

Wednesday, 30th March 2011 - 16:19  |  (0 comments)

I was about to write about the great start to the tour, but then realised we're already nearly half way through!

The two shows have been going down fantastically well...

You Are Special (taken from the Max Lucado book of the same name) tells the story of Punchinello, a small wooden man who meets his maker, and also tells the story of Gideon. Both stories point directly to the fact that God did not make a mistake when he made us, and that whatever people may think of us, he loves us and we are special to him.

“ 10 minutes of silence - part 7 ”

Thursday, 10th February 2011 - 11:11  |  (0 comments)

Have been doing the silence assembly at County Upper for the last three days - 6th form, yr 10 and yr 11.

I'm particularly enjoying the bit of the assembly when I leave the long pause - the reactions are fascinating.

“ 10 minutes of silence - part 6 ”

Wednesday, 9th February 2011 - 13:24  |  (3 comments)

i am not alone.

there are people out there reading the stuff i am writing, getting their silence on, and now joining in the conversation with their comments and thoughts... thank you and welcome, fellow Quieteers...

interestingly, i am beginning to feel more and more 'accompanied' when i am doing my quiet.

it's not like i was expecting to just be feeling quiet, bored and alone when i started out on this. but the only way i can describe it is that i started out by feeling a bit weird, but now i feel really comforted.

i am not alone - because God is there.