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“ Prayspace King Edward VI Upper School - day 5 ”

Monday, 20th June 2011 - 15:03  |  (3 comments)

The last day… what a week!
Joined by Kelly Baker this morning who spent some time praying the prayers of some of the contributors to Prayspace.

“ Prayspace King Edward VI Upper School - day 4 ”

Thursday, 16th June 2011 - 16:45  |  (0 comments)

Nicola and I were both in for a full morning of year 9 RE classes today – with some very contrasting responses.

“ Prayspace King Edward VI Upper School - day 3 ”

Wednesday, 15th June 2011 - 16:21  |  (0 comments)

Dan Goodwin from Great Barton Free Church came along today. Dan will be joining us as an intern from September – exciting stuff and great to have him involved. We had a quiet morning with no classes coming through, but we roped in some year 9s to help us with some photos for the local paper. Whether we will actually make it in or not remains to be seen (because of the way the space is lit it was a challenge for the photographer to get decent shots!), but it would be really fantastic to think that we will get some coverage for it. 

“ Prayspace King Edward VI Upper School - day 2 ”

Tuesday, 14th June 2011 - 17:18  |  (0 comments)

During our full morning of year 9 RE casses, some really lovely kids came through - thoughtfully responding and engaging deeply with the concepts of each of the stations. The most frequent thought for the day seemed to be that the atmosphere of calm and peace allowed them to really focus on what each station was asking of them. Many of them said that having quality time to think was one of the things they really liked about the room. Given that we were forewarned about the potential difficulties with one of the groups this is all the more pleasing!

“ Prayspace King Edward VI Upper School - day 1 ! ”

Monday, 13th June 2011 - 17:12  |  (0 comments)

Following manic but successful set up on Friday, the week began with some frenetic last minute activity to get the room finished before the first group came through at 9.20am.