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“ Prayspace @ County Upper , day one... ”

Monday, 6th February 2012 - 18:32  |  (0 comments)



The second outing for Prayspace – exciting times!

Nicola and I prayed this morning, welcoming God in and praying for souls to come alive to God this week, singing like never before as they encounter the God of the universe who made and loves them.

“ Change for Change - get involved! ”

Tuesday, 13th December 2011 - 17:04  |  (0 comments)

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“ Guest blog by Daisy! ”

Thursday, 10th November 2011 - 15:50  |  (0 comments)

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Its my 4th day of work experience at BCY, and I can honestly say it has been amazing! Everyone here are so nice and friendly its crazy. This week I have helped Nicola prepare for Rock Solid and also go to Rock Solid in all the different schools. This involved cutting a mad amount of card on the guillotine, making and cutting out little verse cards saying 'So the holy one is to be born will be called the son of God'- Luke 1:35.

“ GUEST BLOG from Beth! ”

Thursday, 3rd November 2011 - 16:32  |  (0 comments)

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“ Psalm 100 ”

Tuesday, 11th October 2011 - 13:04  |  (0 comments)

The focus of our 21st Birthday Celebration was Psalm 100 - and I spoke about it briefly at the end of the meeting.

Here's a slightly edited version of what I had to say. I hope it makes sense (!) and I hope it's an encouragement to you!

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