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“ Prayspace @ County Upper , day four... ”

Thursday, 9th February 2012 - 18:23  |  (0 comments)

Today we had the busiest lunch of the week – and I missed it! Great to hear of the room being well used this lunch though with 14 students coming in.


“ Prayspace @ County Upper , day three... ”

Wednesday, 8th February 2012 - 20:27  |  (0 comments)

Day three and a busy morning with two classes (four Prayspace sessions) through first thing. We continue to have very quiet feedback times. After the great feedback from the class that were in Prayspace for a full 50 minutes, I think this is because of the short sessions. It seems we're catching the students at the point where, if they had another 10 minutes, they would go on and respond more deeply and reflect on a different level.

“ Prayspace @ County Upper , day two... ”

Tuesday, 7th February 2012 - 20:38  |  (0 comments)


We have had three classes through again today, along with a small number of visitors at lunch and break. I think the small lunch / break visitor numbers is due to us being in a room which is accessed via a bit of an unusual route, and maybe a misconception as to who the room is for. 

“ Prayspace @ County Upper , day one... ”

Monday, 6th February 2012 - 18:32  |  (0 comments)



The second outing for Prayspace – exciting times!

Nicola and I prayed this morning, welcoming God in and praying for souls to come alive to God this week, singing like never before as they encounter the God of the universe who made and loves them.

“ Change for Change - get involved! ”

Tuesday, 13th December 2011 - 17:04  |  (0 comments)

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