Where have we come from?
BCY was founded in 1990, and since its inception has worked with schools, local churches and youth workers to enable young people to see the Christian faith as timelessly relevant in a changing and challenging educational and social climate.
Today BCY continues to provide lively and inspiring assemblies, lessons and lunch-time clubs, Prayer Spaces for schools, SRE workshops for students... and more! To deliver this we involve local churches wherever possible. We also work in partnership with a Christian youth football club, Sporting '87 (www.sporting87.co.uk), the "Open the Book" programme (www.openthebook.net), SCATE (www.scateministries.co.uk) and the local branch of The Gideons.
Where are we going?
A pressing challenge for the future is the fast-approaching reform of the schools structure from three tier to two tier. We are currently developing our plans for the future.
In addition to this we have are developing more meaningful relationships with churches and more far-reaching and impactful ways of engaging with schools. We are in the process of investigating several very exciting possibilities which would see BCY moving on into significant long-term projects (we will keep you posted, we promise!).
These come in addition to our commitment to continue to deliver assemblies, lessons, lunch clubs and support to the Christian Unions of a consistently excellent standard.