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Farewell to Carla :(


Fri 18th Sep, 2015

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Carla Auger has been a BCY Trustee, Treasurer, a faithful and caring support for our staff workers, a committed pair of helping hands at literally every event we've ever run and a dear friend for many years... and she's moving on to pastures new. We will miss her greatly and wanted to pay even this small tribute to her by way of thanks for all she has done!

New thoughts from Matt

“ In response to a tough question... ”

Thu, 25 Feb 2016  |  (0 comments)

During a lesson this week, we were discussing the resurrection - evidence for, theories around, how do we make any sense of it... A student commented that they 'couldn't get their head around it', my response to which was, 'That's OK. I think Christianity is intellectually satisfying so don't stop thinking.'

To which another student replied, 'But you basically believe that God will send him to hell for not being able to get his head round it, so it's not OK at all, is it?'

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